Start a food community

Food Communities are self organised groupings of people, organisations or producers who are committed to living, sharing or promoting the aims and activities of the Slow Food movement.  Communities have the freedom to formulate their aims and interests and to agree on the commitments they will make in support of furthering the aims of Slow Food.

Forming a Food Community or joining an existing Community provides an opportunity for supporters to engage actively with others in making the change for which Slow Food stands.

The total number of supporters who have signed to the Manifesto or joined a Food Community will be able to be counted. This will lend weight when Slow Food representations are made in protest against the negative effects of the dominant food system on the planet.

There is no fee required to register a Food Community.
A co-ordinator and an additional two members are required to be nominated when forming a Food Community. 

Each community is responsible for their own functioning and funding in carrying out their stated mission and commitments. Communities are required to contribute a proportion of funds raised through their events and activities to assist in the running costs of Slow Food South Africa.

Each community names co-coordinators to liaise with the local or international database administrators. The coordinators are responsible for supplying the database administrators with a list of individual names as well as entity names joining their community once it has been registered. They will later also forward details of those applying to join their existing community, after it has been registered.

The co-ordinators or others belonging to the community should be able to vouch that the entities such as farmers producers, suppliers, retailers or organisations who are joining the community, do adhere to good clean fair practices before they are listed. They should also from time to time ensure that all those listed continue to act in accordance with the Slow Food ethos.

The names and contact details of all supporting individuals, or else entities that elect not to appear listed on the website, will be lodged in confidentially as a database that will only be available to the greater Slow Food South Africa Food Communities for the purposes of sharing Slow Food communications. Members can opt out of receiving communications at any time.

Slow Food International will not have use of member details, only to numbers of members.

The aims and interests of the Community and what it commits to promoting will be reflected on the Food Community entry on the website.

The names, contact details and addresses of all good clean fair farmers producers, suppliers, retailers or organisations that have joined the Community can be listed on the website.

The names of individual supporters will not appear on the website.