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We aim to create awareness about the need to transform our food system so that we can achieve Good, Clean and Fair Food for all in South Africa.

We intend for our joint actions to challenge the destructive effects of the industrial food system, in ways that result in equitable cultural, social, economic, as well as environmental benefits for all on our planet.

Together we can challenge the destructive effects of the industrial food system to bring about change.

Show your commitment below for this and join us to achieve it by:

  • Being active in keeping local food traditions alive and acting in ways that are inclusive and unifying across our differences and rich diversities
  • Finding ways of ensuring our local food biodiversity is grown and used in sustainable ways and that access to affordable and nutritious food is available to all in out country
  • Supporting our growing network local small-scale growers, producers, distributors and processors of good clean fair food
  • Gathering together in solidarity from time to time to share with each other and learn among ourselves.

Slow Food is no longer a paid membership based organisation.

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