Dosa Hut brunch and tour of Fordsburg

The Dosa Hut is an authentic South Indian restaurant in Fordsburg, a colourful and multi-ethnic suburb of Johannesburg. Many of the buildings date from when Joburg was a young mining town, and the Dosa Hut, where we met for brunch, has its premises in a restored 1920’s complex.

Johannesburg has a large and vibrant immigrant population. In Fordsburg, the influx of newcomers from Pakistan and Bangladesh is readily evident, leading to the area being called colloquially, “Little India”.  For lovers of Indian foods, it’s the preferred place to shop for spices, lentils, rice and other exotic south Asian ingredients.

We were here, though, to learn about the origins and making of Dosa. Tim Truluck, our past convivium leader and a Johannesburg City councillor, acted as our guide.

Dosa is a crispy crepe made prepared using a batter of fermented lentil (dahl) and rice, the paste of which is flattened on a wide hot plate. As the dosa browns, fillings are added, and it is speedily folded and served with different sauces and spicy chutneys.  During our brunch at the Dosa Hut, we were able to watch the dosa being made and served.

Afterwards, Tim took us on a short tour through Fordsburg, into its various spice shops, grocery stores and eateries. Some of us also popped into a juicing shop, where we had freshly squeezed sugar-cane juices topped up with pure apple, ginger, orange and pineapple juice.

Learning the origins of this immigrant speciality now made here in our city, seeing it freshly prepared, and eating the dosa hot off the griddle, made the outing a true Slow Food experience.



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