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Slow Food Johannesburg
As the Johannesburg convivium (chapter) of the international Slow Food movement, we’ve been around since 2001.

Living in the city means that direct contact with farmers and food producers is not always possible, but we as Slow Food Johannesburg are committed to eating seasonally, locally and sustainably, by supporting small producers and responsible retailers.

Guided by the principles of seasonal and local, we actively practice the Slow Food philosophies by hosting monthly events varying from taste workshops and visits to nearby farms and small producers, to hands-on workshops and cultural dinners, where we aim to learn about different cuisines and the communities that cook them.

From farmer’s markets to feasting at seasonal harvest tables, we invite you to join us as we explore food that’s good, clean and fair in and around Joburg.

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About Slow Food
Slow Food is an international not for profit gastro-political movement, started in Italy in 1989,whose aim is to bring pleasure back to the table, educate consumers about where their food comes from, defend agricultural biodiversity, build strong sustainable food communities, and create a system that makes good food available to everyone.

Slow Food has over 100,000 members in 153 countries, united by a desire to preserve seasonal, artisanal, traditional, regional cuisines, and promote foods that are good, clean, and fair.

You can read more about the aims and principles of Slow Food on their website.