A Taste of Slow Food

We’ll be holding our first Taste of Slow Food educational evening at Tim and Penny’s house in Parkhurst.

A Taste of Slow Food is an experiment in developing a regular Slow Food educational programme for new and recent members to learn about Slow Food. We will show a short video on Slow Food, discuss how to live a Slow Food lifestyle, have a couple of taste tests, and enjoy a convivial evening where new members can meet some of the old hands over a shared meal.

The cost is a plate of food (per person) for 10 people. You must be prepared to say why you made/bought it and what is special about it. It could be a favourite childhood food, a dish relevant to your origins or culture, or something new and exciting you have discovered. You also need to bring what you want to drink.

The evening should last about 2-3 hours depending on how much discussion takes place. All members are invited, but we will give preference to those who have joined Slow Food in the past 3 years.

Location: 18-16th St, Parkhurst
Contact: Tim 083-619-2419 or email: slowfoodjoburg@gmail.com


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